Monday, April 27, 2009

The weekend

WOW! It was a very busy weekend. Sorry I haven't been here much but I have been living life, going from one thing to the next. Thursday we celebrated my son's 18th birthday. He wanted to have the house to himself when he got home so I took my other son and the grand baby and went shopping for a new car seat. Thankfully he slept while we were trying to make our decision because it was hard to decide when you are limit by price. We did find a good one before he woke up. Gotta love those cheeks :) I could just gobble him up, he is so sweet. I did get to give him a couple of baths this weekend also. We have a good time being silly and taking lots of pictures. He may hate me later for this, oh well.
On their birthdays, our kids get to choose if they want a home cooked meal or to go out to a restaurant. They used to choose to eat at home and now they choose to go out. This time we went to Red Lobster.

He was happy to get coffee maker that he can take with him when he moves out and some money to buy anything else he needs.

Friday I spent the morning with some artist friends learning some painting techniques from Paulette Insall. It was a fast, fun and furious time. I didn't take any pictures of my painting so you will see pictures of that later.

Saturday my husband and I took my son and he girlfriend out to breakfast and then shopped for storage bins and selves to for the big bedroom/art room swap. Gives me a big headache to think about it. I hate moving, cleaning or organizing anything. I have a friend that has told me twice now how much she loves it so I think she is going to get a call this week. After we looked through Home Depot and I imagined what new floor would look like and picked out paint chips and drooled over chandeliers and then left it all there because it was too expensive; we went to the movies and out to dinner. We at out to eat a lot this weekend. That is probably when I finally got to create a couple of pages in my journal, after a month of not doing anything, it was about diet and encouraging myself to stay the course. Only five more pounds to go and I am dinking around. I need to stop with the french fries.

Then on Sunday we went to church and then headed out to eat again to celebrate a cousin's 40th birthday. Then home to start the moving process. My son who thought it would take him a half hour to move all his stuff out of his room was in there five hours and is still not done. Good life lesson. Things always take longer than you think and especially when you have spent the night at a friends house and not slept in two days.
I ran out of boxes and couldn't do anymore in my area. It is going to be a nightmare moving my art room. I feel another headache coming on. I'm kinda a whiner about the whole moving thing, FYI. I am hoping that we are able to get all the big furniture pieces moved today and I can take the rest of the week moving a box at a time of all the little stuff. OK, I had better get started. No time like the present.


Mary said...

Wow, you did have a busy few days.
Birthday wishes to your handsome son. My daughter will be 18 her next birthday!! My oldest will be 30!!!!!!! Yikes!!!

I know moving the rooms around is a big pain, but you will love it when you are done.

You mentioned "lean and green meals" Did you do Medi-Fast to loose you weight??? Eating every two to three hours, lean and green, sounds just it!!!

Good to see you journal again, I missed seeing your great pages.


snazzykc said...

Hey I have boxes if you need some for awhile....
shall we move up the monthly meeting date to get your room in order?