Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Go Beavers!

My husband loves baseball so when the weather turned warm and all the family was going to be home for the night he decided it would be a good night to see a Beaver's game. Surprisingly, everyone wanted to go. We really had a good time. You just have to remember to keep feeding the boys and everyone is happy. Of course, getting them to cooperate for a picture is another story. This was my grandson's first baseball game and as wiggly as he is, he did really good. The trick, and this goes back to feeding the boys, was to buy him a couple of bags of popcorn and he was perfectly happy to sit and eat it one kernel at a time. The challenging part was keeping the other children from stealing from the baby.
Lucky the beaver came by to say hi. We were quite shocked that the baby didn't freak out over being handed to this very large stuffed animal.

It was a pretty boring game until the 10th inning. Yes, the 10th. We didn't get home until about 11:00pm but We won! Only by one point but that is all it takes right? I have to admit that at one point I pulled out my Kindle and started reading until my youngest son started reading over my shoulder and making fun of what I was reading. It just happened to be the part in the story where one of the characters was talking about going through menopause. Makes me laugh to think of him reading that :) Serves him right for reading over my shoulder and making fun of me. Anyway, it was a good time and I'll take as many of those as I can get.

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snazzykc said...

from this to prayers...you sure have a topsy,turvy life!
You are making memories even if the kids don't appreciate it now!