Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

I am worn out from this weekend. Whew, we had so much planned that today I am taking some time to just sit and let my brain settle. One of the activities this weekend was going to the community Easter egg hunt put on by the local firemen. We arrived five minutes late and it was all over. Seriously, they started on time and those kids cleared the field in two minutes. My little grandbaby didn't know what he was missing so no big deal. We walked around and saw the firetrucks and Sparky the firedog.
As you can see by his face, he was not too sure about this big ol" dog. So we took the picture fast and left. Next time we will be there early. Church was on Sunday and I attended both services to help welcome everyone. It was so fun to see all the little girls dressed up. I remember those days and miss them. All my kids came and that was a treat for me. Then we headed over to the in-laws for brunch. Too many sweets for my taste but it was nice. I got to share my Paris pictures to a few unsuspecting souls. My uncle fell asleep half way through and then woke up toward the end and said how nice my pictures were. It makes me laugh. There were about 17 of us and it is always interresting getting all those personalities together in cramped little house. It went well though and was a pretty nice day.


Tammy said...

What an awesome trip. Looks like you have a wonderful time. Are you going to post about all the goodies you brought home with you too? I love reading about your trip and am in love with the awesome Coke bottles! Home!

Teri Leigh said...

I wish I could say that I brought back a bunch of stuff. Mostly I just saw the sights and took pictures. I was limited on space and didn't find anything in my price range that I needed badly enough.