Thursday, April 16, 2009


On our last day there we took the RER train out to Versailles. It is so oppulent that it is hard to imagine someone actually living there but they did. Too over the top for me but very interresting to walk through.
This is the front gate. It was open when we arrived but they closed it by the time we left.

Here is the backside of the palace about half way to Marie Antoinette's Chateau. It gives you a good idea of how huge the palace actually was and the enormous grounds. Nothing was in bloom yet when we were there but I could imagine how pretty it would be in a few weeks.

This was just one of the paths leading away from the palace. I loved the trees all trimmed into perfect rectangles.

In the palace itself there were these long hallways and rooms that would hold hundreds of people. this one is called the Hall of Mirrors. We saw lots of gold moldings and beautiful painted murals on the ceilings in every room.

We went out to see Marie Antoinette's living quarters. One was called the Grand Trianon and one was the petite Trianon. They were quite a bit smaller than the main palace and less opulent but still stunningly beautiful
Here was the breezeway that over looked her gardens
I saw so many rooms that day that I now forget whose bed this was but they were all similar in style and size. All the beds looked like they were built for a child. If we had to sleep in them we would have our knees tucked up under our chins to even fit. They must have been really small people back then.

We took the tram ride from the main palace out to the chateau and along the way we saw many ponds with sculptures and statues around them. We also saw the canal where you could rent boats and buy ice cream. We did stop for an ice cream cone and to enjoy the beautiful weather and sites before heading home for the day.


snazzykc said...

I think they semi reclined to sleep. No laying flat because of breathing-I think.

Teri Leigh said...

Hmm, that would definately be something to look into. Thanks for telling me.