Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

I interrupt the regulary scheduled blogging to wish you all a very Happy Easter.
Easter Cross
I baked today a blueberry and cherry strudel and a Rasberry cream cheese coffee cake. We will be going to the in-laws to have brunch and so this will be my contribution along with a veggie tray.

I am looking forward to church tomorrow. I have been gone, as you know, and I have missed being there. Our pastor is such an amazing teacher and I look forward to hearing the story of hope, salvation and redemption on this Easter morning. We will be going as a family and that is a rare thing these days. My son broke his arm today and so instead of working he will be able to go too. I was surprised that fast food is actually open on Easter. When did that happen? Who goes to a fast food restaurant on Easter? How sad that seems to me. I have always been blessed with lots of family around and the ability to cook a meal on the rare occasion when we stayed home. I'm just glad my son will be joining us at church and for the family meal. It just warms my heart to have my family close and sharing life together each holiday. Someday my kids may all have families of their own and we won't be together regularly. I am thankful.

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Mary said...

Happy Easter Teri! Have a wonderful day with your family!!