Friday, May 1, 2009

Where I create

I have been a busy girl this week. Everyday carting loads and loads of stuff up the stairs to my new art studio/office. I so wanted to put in new flooring and paint the walls but we were is too much of a hurry since my son is sleeping on the couch until I am done. I know that teenagers like to sleep on couches but this one is not very comfortable for a 6'4" teenager who likes his privacy. So I have been working hard to get everything organized into a much smaller space than it was coming from. All that to say, don't laugh at the blue walls with purple flowers which were left-overs from when my two girls had this room. I am liking the arrangement but it is a tight fit. I tried to give the room some foofiness to make me smile and to distract me from the wall and carpet.

Here is my ribbon and wrapping center. I hope to get some shelves on this wall and get everything off the table.
This is where I paint and work on my art journal. I just bought the cute basket vase today at a garage sale and I knew right away I wanted to put my paintbrushes in it. I totally scored today at a couple of garage sales. I bought two hankies from the Philippines, this vase a pretty white scalloped plate and a couple of blouses all for the low price of $6.

I just got the cover on my Paris art journal with the Eiffel tower hanging off the spine. I love it.

Behind my painting chair is a wall of narrow shelves for all my inks, pens, adhesives and tape.

Along one wall are the bookshelves that have all my tools and art books. This is still in process so a couple of shelves still don't have anything on them. Not to worry, they will soon. I also have a group of plastic drawers with all my embellishments in them on another wall. In the walk-in-closet is my sewing stuff and a comfy chair to do my morning bible study and prayer time in. This is working out really well so far. When my daughter moves out her stuff I may move all my sewing things into the laundryroom but for now it is hiding out in the closet. It's not like I am doing a lot of sewing right now anyway. I think I should have everything moved in tomorrow and then I can take a big sigh of relief.


snazzykc said...

Wow you have been hard at looks good!

Mary said...

Oh yes, you have been a busy lady. Teri, it turned out great!! I love the narrow shelves with all your inks and such on them. I need to do something like that!! I know you are glad to have that behind you, now you can get creating!!!! Love the journal cover!! I expect to see loads of journal pages about Paris. :) :)

Karla said...

Lookin' good Teri! So organized!!