Friday, May 15, 2009

This week

I have been delinquent this week in posting. Being the introvert that I am, when I have had a lot of business and interactions I tend to have a few days of very low energy and needing to hide out. A recharging of my batteries, so to speak. Can't say that I have been able to do that yet but I am working on it. All that so say, I have not been very productive this week. I have been spending time with family, grandbaby who is sick and friends who I haven't seen in months. I even went to a huge rummage sale yesterday and got some good finds.

I found a milk glass pedestal bowl to match the plate I found a couple of weeks ago. The rubber stamps look like fun and will be showing up in my journal pages soon. There were so many more but I also picked up a huge wooden barn for my grandbaby and it was hard to look at the stamps with it in my arms. I couldn't even get down that isle, I just had to stand on the edge and reach for what I wanted. It was so crowded at this huge rummage sale that I think I will go back on Saturday when things are 50% off. I also grabbed some trim on my way out that is MY-T-Fine! The other item I purchased was a shelf that I am using to put my ribbons on.

I need to get some more containers but I think this will work quite well for getting the ribbon off the table top. I even think I might be able to hang the shelf on the wall which would make it even better.

I did work in my Paris art journal this week and added to the Bainbridge Island signature. This weekend I am going to spend a couple of days with my niece, who I went to Paris with. Her journal was destroyed on the trip and so we are going to work on re-creating it. I may have pictures on Tuesday when I get back.


Brenda said...

I just love to hear about bargains people find, well done.

Meagan said...

Hi Teri,
Love your helpped to inspire me to start my own. It was fun to meet you at the art store on Bainbridge. Hope you can check out my new blog, it's
Take care,