Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

My Mother's Day actually started on Saturday my husband asked me what I wanted to do for Mother's Day. Since the weather was going to be nice I thought it would be fun to barbecue and sit on the patio enjoying the weather and letting my grand baby run around. For years we have had big, slobbering, in-your-face dogs and have not been able to sit outside comfortably so now that we don't have them anymore I can actually have flowers and lawn furniture. We went and picked out an umbrella table set. After we got home my daughter took me for a pedicure. It was so nice and when we got there another friend of mine was there doing the same thing with her daughter.

The lady doing mine was really into it and paint an elaborate design on my toes with a gem as the center of the flower. It was a lot of fun and relaxing too. I was so pleasantly surprised because my kids are starting to be very thoughtful as they get older. I don't expect it and I think that is even better.
Later that evening we went to dinner with my in-laws to celebrate with them. It was pleasant but the food was horrible. I was so glad that I had Sunday to look forward to.

Sunday we went to church and one of the men there bought red roses for all the ladies. He is the happiest, sweetest person you will meet and he stood at the door passing them out to all the mothers. Then it was home to barbecue steaks and try out our new table. The weather was amazing and we sat for the longest time just eating and talking and enjoying being together. I got so caught up in the moment that I forgot to take a picture of all of us at the table. This happens quite often actually.

We did have some friends come join us who had no family to spend time with and they brought bubbles. Something about bubbles brings out the kid in all of us.


Mary said...

I love your toes!!! What a nice way to spend the day.

snazzykc said...

Sometimes...friends are the best family!!
Grown up kids doing sweet things for us-we trained them right!
see ya Wednesday :)