Thursday, October 29, 2009

Be Satisfied and a Give-a-way

Be Satisfied with what you have.

Number two on this list can be challenging for anyone who likes so many different things. Hmmm, I was just having a conversation the other day about this very thing. We have been talking about moving and I was looking at all my books and art supplies and thinking, I have way too much stuff. I am trying to go through my house and de-clutter it. This is going to take a while since I must have been a packrat in a former life. When you think about boxing up all the things you own, you suddenly realize that you can live with a whole lot less than you thought you needed.

Along those same lines; if you are trying to rid out then the last thing you want to be doing is buying more stuff. I think I do pretty well in almost areas except for art supplies. There is always something new and cool to add to my stash. I have thought that I would force myself to use up what I have before buying more and you can help me do this. It would take me a long time to use up all the paper and ribbon and embellishments I have stored away. But, I could share what I have with you. That way you could benefit from my de-clutter project. Anyone want to win a bundle of stuff?

Here are some ways to get your name in the drawing:
  • Leave a comment here

  • sign-up to follow-me on my sidebar

  • advertise the give-a way on your blog

Just let me know what you did and I will put your name in the drawing. You will have until Sunday night, November 1st, 8:00 PST and I will notify the winner on Monday.

This is my first give-a way and I am so excited.

Lots of paper, tags, envelopes, stickers, old book pages, numbers, letters, ribbons, and a lot more. I am even throwing in The Creative Journal. Good luck!


snazzykc said...

Fun idea girlfriend, I don't need anything more but I will tell others about it...

she dreams big! said...

While surfing, I came across your lovely blog and was I glad I did! Enjoyed it so much! I am now a follower and I mentioned your giveaway on my blog. I will be back again and again! Please count me in to win!

Francie said...

Lots of fun things I see! I have enough of my own, but the church we pastor has some budding artists that would love some freebies.

jcmont said...

Pick me, pick me! I love your blog and your heart for God and art. Love your blog!!