Friday, October 16, 2009


I woke up this morning to the sun shining and turning the mountain orange. It has been fun to see my mountain ( that's what I call the one outside my window) turn different colors as the light changes during the day. This morning I laid on the bed and read my bible, prayed and watched the sun rise as the mountain went from this beautiful orange to blue to gray. I was entertained quite nicely. We drove over to Banff today. It is cute little town, surrounded by the mountains. The wind really picked up and it was quite cold but I was in the car mostly so it didn't matter to me. I did make a quick stop in Roots. My favorite store in Canada. I always stop in when we cross the border.
OH MY GOODNESS! Can you even believe this hotel? The Banff Springs Hotel is huge and beautiful. If there had been anywhere to park without paying, I would have gone inside and taken some photos but there where lots of official men standing around and I chickened out. Maybe next time. The outside was enough for me. Can you imagine what it would be like to stay here and the view? WOW!

I love this statue or sculpture. It is actually in Canmore but it makes me laugh every time we drive by it.
Here is another mountain photo I took on the way back from Banff. I wonder what the names of all these mountains are. Wouldn't it be so cool if you could put on some GPS glasses that when you put them on you could see the name of whatever you were looking at, elevation and all that fun stuff. Someone should invent them.

The trees right in front of this photo have these little round leaves that sparkle and twirl when the wind blows. We have been admiring them all day. Now we are back in the room and I am having fun playing my new DS lite game. I am not a computer or video game person but a friend of mine said I would like the puzzle type games and she was right. I can't believe how fun this is. OK ,I am off to solve a murder.

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Mary said...

Hi Teri, My husband and I stayed in that hotel on our first visit to Canada! It was wonderful! British Columbia is one of my very favorite places!! Have a wonderful time!