Thursday, September 4, 2008

You have the key

I was thinking today as I was in my art room creating this page how we know more than we are willing to admit. In our hearts we know the answers to the questions we ask ourselves but sometimes we don't want to hear the truth. We listen to lies instead. Lies that tell us we aren't good enough or someone else is better so that means we can't succeed just because they did. Or we listen to lies that tell us we are great and don't give the true credit to the Lord. Even if we were to become Queen and rule the world we would not be happy because true happiness only comes when our focus is on the Lord and we are living out our God ordained purpose. When we give all we have and try our best and let God lead us where He wants us to go, that is when we are happiest. Because we are right where we should be. That doesn't mean life is easy though. Sometimes in that sweet spot life can be hard. Boy, do I know that. But all the strength we need is right there giving us a solid place to stand and an arm to hold onto. Praise God for that! Listen to your heart and the whispers of the Lord and go out and follow those dreams. Live the life you were intended to live and don't forget to thank Jesus for it all.


Sharon said...

Amen!Well said Teri!Great post!Blessings~Sharon

Paulette Insall said...

Wow! Well said girl! Amen!!!

Paulette Insall