Monday, September 29, 2008

Where is life taking me?

I was at a women's conference this weekend at George Fox University. It was called True North-Where is life taking you? Good question. I have been wondering that myself. If feels like things are on the cusp of changing in a big way but no clue what that means. Bo Stern was one of the speakers and she asked a couple of questions. "What do you need to partner with God in and are you willing to get a little bit dangerous and say YES to God?" She also said that our biggest fear is rooted in our dearest dream. I can certainly relate to that. What keeps me from living my wildest dreams is fear of failure. I am starting to question why that is. They say that courage is being scared and doing it anyway so I am only a step away from being courageous if you look at it that way. Hmm, something to think and pray about but not too long. Time is flying by at lightening speed and there is not time to waste just sitting around thinking about what I want to do. I need to get out and just do it. (Nike would be proud) I have been reading blogs and books by some of my favorite artists and apparently fear is a very natural part of the process of moving forward with art. I thought if you were talented enough that you would not be afraid to pursue the next step but I guess that is not true. Everyone of them is afraid of failure and not being good enough. Oh dear, what is awaiting just around the corner. Be brave little piglet. (I love the quote from Pooh.) I need to spend some good ol' quality time hanging out with God and asking some hard questions and listening for some good answers.


Healing Expressions said...

Such a beautiuflly honest and thoughtful post teri! And every word is so true! We are all so much more alike than different when it comes to the emotions that arise when we take big steps of faith with our dreams!
Take Care

Sharon said...

You were at George Fox!?That's just north of us by a few miles!!:-)Great post!Love~Sharon