Monday, September 8, 2008

The Safe Zone

If you have been following along with this blog for very long you know that Mondays are hard for me. Whew, I am tired and my head aches quite often by the time Monday morning rolls around. That is why I stay home, do laundry and catch up on email, blogging and miscellaneous things that need to get done.
Long ago I learned that each of us has a different stress level. Some people have the ability to handle large amounts of stress and activity, for others that amount sends them into a tailspin of depression. I always seem to be surrounded by people who have a lot higher stress level than me and I compare myself to them which leads to feeling guilt and shame. I don't think the answer is to surround yourself with those who have lower stress levels but to honestly figure out what yours is and keep your schedule below that mark. The word that best describes this is margin. Keeping a little extra time with nothing planned so when unexpected stress or activity come you will not fall over the edge of sanity. So many people I know have no margin in their lives. Even I am tempted so often to schedule too much in my week and then crash and burn, feeling like I need to drool into a cup in the corner and wondering how to get out of this life I created. Everything can be going along just fine and the next minute an insensitive comment can find me crying in the closet. Oh, I so want to learn this lesson of balance and boundaries and learning to say no. No one can teach this to me, I have to figure it out for myself and consciously choose to stay in the safe zone. Why is this so hard?


Sharon said...

This was an excellent post Teri!Simply excellent.Blessings~Sharon

snazzykc said...

Be patient with yourself my friend.
Remember where you have been and that you are doing so much better than before. Put your feet up and rest. May God bless you today!

Healing Expressions said...

Thanks for this post Teri! I completely agree about that margin of sanity! Balance is so hard sometimes. But like you said, we have to be true to what we know our stress level is and listen to that and not compare to that gal who seems to be able to spin ten plates in the air (haha)! I suspect when no one is looking she is "drooling in a corner" somewhere in the middle of the night too though....we are all so much more alike than we are different!
Take Care