Friday, September 26, 2008

The Beach

The Beach was beautiful. I had the most relaxing time with my niece. We just watched season 1 of Heroes and were amazed at how much we had forgotten and I worked in my art journal. The weather was bright and sunny and crisp, just how I like it this time of year and I got the most amazing pictures of the clouds. This one looks like it could be a painting. Time away always charges my batteries. I come back with ideas of things I would like to try and life is full of possibilities. Of course my family has missed me and I have to hear all that has happened while I was gone with everyone talking at the same time and my brain goes back to being befuddled. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. That is why I journal and take pictures. I look back and am reminded of what I saw and thought because I just may forget with everything else going on. Here is another picture of the beach. This was the view from out room. Isn't that sky amazing? I will share my journal pages later. But for now I am off to a Women's Conference and spending some time with friends.

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