Friday, August 1, 2008

Kindred Spirits

This page is dedicated to a young woman I met recently. A friend of mine met her in Scotland but she is really from England but is now living in Spain. Have I confused you yet? She came for a visit and I got to meet her at my friends house. She is the sweetest person and has the coolest accent. I woke up last night with this poem in my head and it is dedicated to her.
I wish I'd known what might have been
Your stay was way too short
A cup of tea and time to share
Who we really are
You never know what the future holds
we may be friends one day
I thank the Lord for this brief time
our lives have crossed today!
I won't be the only one missing her when she leaves but I suspect she will be back.

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Carly said...


I really hope that you are well. Your blog is really quite inspirational. In fact I am a bit blown away; the pages of the diary that you put up, have you painted them? Really quite beautiful. I was also given a lot of food for thought with a quotation that you had there from a seminar that you went to that "Our biggest fears are about our biggest dreams."

I have been doing a DTS in the evenings and one of the things they asked us to do was keep a diary, doing certain specific tasks about our lives. They encouraged us to be creative in the presentation of it and whilst I was not initially enthusiastic (I draw like a 6 year old...really I do!) doing it that way was actually really fun and freeing I think. So, just to encourage you with your art diary classes with the ladies, I think it can be a really helpful way to get out and release emotional stuff and also to feel pretty fulfilled as you put your latent creativity to work.

love Carly x