Monday, August 11, 2008

Another week

Mondays tend to be hard days for me just because I am so tired from the weekend. I was sure feeling it today. Just in the last week I have celebrated my in-law's 50th wedding anniversary, my daughter's 21st birthday, my husband's 30 year class reunion, participated in my church's servant festival and got my son off to camp, oh, and had lunch with two other friends in addition to the two bible studies I lead. YIKES! no wonder I am worn out. Whew, just listing all those things makes me tired. No rest for the weary though. My niece is coming over to help me organize my office and I decided to start a new eating program today. How crazy can a person be? I hope this week is less eventful. I think I need a vacation from all the celebrating. One really cool thing that happened though was that I got to visit with a friend of mine that I grew up with. We went to the same church and school and her husband graduated with my husband so we always look forward to seeing each other at the reunions. We discovered that we have known each other for 40 years. How is that even possible, I don't even feel that old. . She reminded me of stuff that happened when we were kids. In a way it is cool that someone knows all that stuff about you and on the other hand it is embarrassing and you don't even want to remember it. In fact some of the stuff she brought up I had completely forgotten about. We also agreed that everyone at that reunion looked really old except us. The gal in the top picture I have know for 30 years and she knows plenty about me also. There is no escaping my past but at least I can laugh about most of it.

The other really cool thing that happened to me was that a woman I have known for a lot of years, but not been close to, told me that she really liked me and thought I was such a nice person and would like to get to know me more. It is not everyday that someone says that to you. Well, at least I don't . Usually I am wondering if anyone likes me at all. So I decided to not blow it off and make an effort to get together with her. You got to take the opportunities when they come. All these memories, I think I had better go and write them down in my journal.


snazzykc said...

and I worked so hard to not look old!!
I am so glad you got to connect with your friend again. I felt bad leaving your table Saturday night. I guess it's true about God looking out for us when we least expect it.
Hope all gets put to order today,
remember to go to bed early. We both know what happens when you get too tired and worn out.

Sharon said...

Hey TL
Just stopping by to say hello and God bless.Been busy here in OR babysitting g-daughter,proofreading another manuscript,etc etc etc...Smile...Have a blessed day!Love~Sharon

Teri Leigh said...

Thanks Sharon for stopping by. I will stop by your blog soon too. :)