Monday, August 18, 2008

Artistically delicious

This week is turning out much better than last week. I slowed down a bit and feel much more inspired with art too. Well, I am thinking of deserts for two reasons. My birthday is this week and I started a diet. Hmm, those two things don't seem to go together. I think I have it figured out though. I keep telling myself to enjoy the beauty of the deserts like art and remember that they look a lot better on the plate than they do on me. All this talk of food has made me hungry. I think I will go eat some lunch.


Sharon said...

Neat post Teri!Desserts do look much better on a page than on us...I know from is cool and rainy here today and I am glad.We had triple digit heat last week.I wrote about it on my blog today.Had to as I was so grateful for rain.Cannot believe I said that.He He He...Love~Sharon

michelle said...

I love these journal pages! I also LOVE junk food! : )