Thursday, August 14, 2008

Don't Give Up

I have been so un-inspired lately. I think it is the tiredness. I was reading in Jeremiah today and Baruch says, "I am weary of my own sighing and can find no rest." I totally could relate to that. I am tired of saying 'I'm tired'. This week has been a slower pace than last week and so I am catching up. Plus, I think my body is going through withdrawals with my new eating program. I am persevering ahead knowing that the goal will be worth the hard work now. I am imagining dog paddeling, keeping my head above water just long enough to catch my breath and then I will be swimming again with strength and purpose and vitality. Every once in a while we need to slow down, catch our breath and take a look around us and evaluate if we are headed in the right direction. Especially if it has been a busy season. Summer has been very busy especially these final few weeks. I look forward to the change that is coming. But for now, enjoy the moments and memories and do what you love and love those you know.


Sharon said...

Amen!Been uninspired myself at times.My writing suffers when that happens but I must not give up for it will return in His time...Blessings~Sharon

snazzykc said...

yeh! I'm glad you are taking the time for your journal. Take care of yourself, you are important to me!