Saturday, August 2, 2008

Follow Your Heart

Women don't want a divided life...They recognize that career is not enough; they want to keep growing throughout their lives. They want to be interconnected, adjusting as needed to different circumstances. They want to live balanced lives. Quote by Mary Ellen Ashcroft.
Our hearts are torn in so many directions. We want to follow are dreams but the reality of responsibility keeps us planted firmly on the ground and yet quite often unfulfilled. Where is the balance in that. I think God puts the dreams in our hearts to give us hope. Sometimes following my dreams makes me look a little crazy and like I don't know what I am doing. That's OK. Eventually I will find the balance. By following my dreams I am showing others it is OK to follows theirs and giving them permission to even start to dream. I have to admit though, it is addicting. Imagining what you could do and where you could go. I loved this girl on my page. She has suitcase in hand ready to explore the world but at the same time wearing a suit with just enough flair to not be conventional. She has a paper to keep grounded on world events but hair that expresses her true personality. I hope she is not criticized and beaten down by drones. Don't you just wish the best for her. That she will make it after so many before her have failed. You can do it sweetheart. Break out and live, imagine, believe, hope and inspire. We are all counting on you to pave the way. Bring home the victory!

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michelle said...

i too love this picture! i love her hair! : )
sorry to let you down on the Arte y Pico award. I'm so bad at those things! Thank you though from the bottom of my heart for picking me as one of your 5. I was wondering if we could get something on the calendar for Sept. to get together. I'm pretty much gone through the end of August. Let me know : )