Sunday, June 15, 2008

Purple, Blue and Pink?

My daughter met us for lunch today and has dyed her hair purple. I love it! I don't think moms are supposed to say that but for the longest time I wanted to dye my hair blue and lately I wish it could be pink. My hair colorist said I was too old to have pink hair. Oh, the nerve of him. I told him that if old ladies could have blue hair then I can have pink. Apparently old ladies get their hair colored blue because they can't see it otherwise. I had no idea. I'm holding out for pink though. I saw a lady at church today, older than me, with bright orange hair. All the power to ya sista!


michelle said...

how cute! love purple hair... and pink hair! I would have pink/blue/bright red hair in a flash if it wasn't so quick to fade. i'm not into seeing my hair dresser more than once every two months! you're daughter is darling. is she an artist like you?

Teri Leigh said...

I'm with you on the up-keep of colored hair. My daughter's creativity comes out in her hair and the way she dresses. None of my kids took after my love of crafts and art. I tried to get them interrested but it was more like punishment so I gave up hope. They have other talents.