Friday, June 20, 2008

My Favorite Things

I was working in my art journal today. I finished page nine of the paper bella e-zine project (seen below) and wanted to do some more. I used one of my new rubber stamps by Stampers Anonymous. I think they are my favorite stamp company. I just love kids with wings and crowns. Along the side I put the velvet rick-rack I found at Paper Zone. I got it in pink and teal it was so cute. I also bought some chalk pens to see if they are any different than my poster paint pens. They have the chisel tip, which I don't really like and they have a matte finish. They are OK but I like the Sharpie poster paint pens better. After I watered down my acrylic paint daubers they worked so much better and I am loving having them in my portable tote. I discovered today as I was thumbing through my art journal that it is falling apart at the seams. I put a bit of tape on the really bad pages. I am using the Pentalic one with the elastic band and boy is it getting full and bulging. I think it will last me through the summer but that is about it. I will need a new one for fall. Each page is special and it will be so exciting see the whole journal filled up. If I stick with this type of journal, that means I will have four journals each year. Is that a lot? This is my first year to do the art journal thing so I have no idea. I am already thinking about what I am going to do after June is over and I don't have Teresa McFayden giving me ideas. I have a few books on journaling ordered and they should be here this next week. Maybe they will give me an idea of where to head. I have thought of doing a book of quotes and journaling about them. We shall see.


snazzykc said...

that page is so cute!
Maybe you like kids with wings because the only time our kids are like angels is when they are sleeping!!

Teri Leigh said...

You may very well be right :)