Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pikes Place Market

We went to Pikes Place Market today. There were so many pretty flowers. I would have bought a huge bunch but when you are traveling there is no place to put them. I took so many pictures just of the flowers. As I was smelling the flowers some old guy came by and told my husband that I was a flameing bombshell. I'm not even sure how to respond to that. I always have these funny experiences when I go there. Last time we were there I was standing at the fish counter with all my kids and some young guys were filming with a video camera and as I bent down to look at the ugly fish with the huge teeth, it came right at me and I let out the loudest screem you have ever heard. Of course it was on video and probably floating around U-Tube land by now. I drew quite a crowd that time. My kids and I laughed so hard about that one. So beware when you visit the fish counter; they have quite a set-up for unsuspecting tourists.

The fruit was amazing. I got a fresh Marionberry smoothie that was to die for.

Evan the vegetables were beautiful. It was a feast for the eyes!

The whole day was so fun. I found an amazing pair of shoes at the Nordstrom Rack as the boys went over to Game Works. My husband and the flaming bombshell had a long lunch at the Cheescake Factory. We are planning to go to the movies tonight to see The Hulk. Not really my kind of movie but all my guys are interrested.

Here they are. Pretty cool huh? I have a thing for shoes. But these not only look good they are so comfortable too which you don't expect when you see them.

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