Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Creative Call - chaper 1

Today I read chapter one in The Creative Call. I loved that the author asks, "Have you asked Him what He wants you to do with the talents He has given you?" How often do we take for granted what we are good at or ignore it all together because we are just ok at it. The author goes on to say; "Without realizing it, we have wrapped up our imaginations and talents into neat little packages and stored them somewhere out of our range of consciousness." I have recently re-discovered the artistic side of myself and it is like opening a package and pulling out, one by one, new treasures that have long been tucked away in a back closet. As I pull each one out of the box I must remember to ask the Lord how He wants to use these gifts and to give Him the glory for it. And also, remember that practicing our gifts is a form of worship to Him. I am loving this book so far. I hope the any of you reading this book share what you are getting out of it and what treasures you are finding tucked away that need to be opened and enjoyed by all.

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Jen said...

I've recently been thinking about this very thing. I'm discovering this whole other creative side of me that I didn't really know I had, and know I'm trying to discover what He wants me to do with it.