Monday, February 1, 2010

Sitting area

Saturday, when I woke with headache and just needed the day to chill from a busy week, somehow I got myself rooked into doing a huge de-clutter project. I own a laptop and so I move it from my bedroom and my art studio. I have a desk in my art studio that I use when I am in there but the one in the bedroom was in a tiny corner with no room to put a decent chair so I always sat on the bed. Like every other flat surface in our house, if it sits for a day something will get set on it and then another something until it is piled high. That is what the computer desk had become. I was tired so I forgot to take a picture of it before. Probably a good thing because you would have been horrified. I condensed all the stuff to one box, moved the desk to another room for my husband to use when he wants to do some writing and set up a sitting area for myself in the bedroom. Now I can sit and rock, have my cup of morning coffee and spend time reading and listening to God.

This particular rocking chair is meaningful to me. I bought it at the church rummage sale for $2.00 a few years ago. It was owned by the most godly woman. She raised a family who all are believers and she led biblestudies in her home up to two weeks before she died in her 90's. This was the chair she did her morning devotions in. I don't know why the family didn't want it, maybe because it is pretty worn but I like old stuff. It is really comfortable with the quilts and sometimes when I sit in it to do my devotions I wonder what wisdom was shared with Mrs. Whitney as she sat rocking and praying.

In the study I am doing right now the question was asked; If the church was filled with people just like you what kind of church would it be? Makes you think, am I representing Christ in a way that would impact the world in a positive way by the love and grace I'm showing? Or are there things that need to change in me before that can happen? That's my thought today.

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karin said...

oh yeah-that is a good question we all need to ask ourselves. Glad you are getting so much done.