Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Surprises

I was so surprised when my son showed up today with a card and box of chocolates for me.

How sweet is that. My other son came home with french fries and a large diet drink for me just because he knows these are some of my favorite things. Both of these came without any prompting or hinting which makes them even more special.

Love you boys!

My journal pages are mostly made of what my days are filled with.
I take snippets of things from my day to use on the pages and incorporate them into the page.
When people look at my pages down the road, they will see what I was doing that day or thinking about.

I have this appreciation for hang tags. Some of them are really cool. I have been saving mine for years. Didn't know what to do with them but now I can put them in my art journal.


Terri Gordon said...

What wonderful sons, you raised them really well. Happy Valentines.

Mary said...

Oh how I know that touched your heart! Good for them!! :)

Love your journal pages!

Anonymous said...

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Sincerely yours