Friday, January 29, 2010

Eye exam

I had to go and get my eyes checked this week. How do you look good in the funky glasses they give you? The news wasn't too bad but after both my son and I got our lenses updated and exams done I ended up with a $500 bill. OH MY!


Mary said...

You think with the prices they charge for glasses they could make better looking ones for after the exam!!!! :)

I am do for new ones. I know I need a stronger prescription, I'm getting a sore neck from having to look through the lower portion of my glasses all the time!!! lol

Karla Dornacher said...

Adorable... you could start a new fad!! And thanks for organizing a great gathering my friend... I'm so sorry I missed your demo... hmmm... maybe you could share it here on your blog?

Jen said...

Very fashionable indeed LOL! The last time I got new glasses I paid almost $500 - and that was just for me! :S

PS. By the way, check my blog in the next couple of days - I'm going to post my I Believe layout.

Karina Chiodo said...

Don't worry about your costs, Teri! It's more important to have your eyes checked before more expenses occur. How old is your son now, btw? What happened to both of your eyes?