Thursday, January 21, 2010

Valentine card-making party

Yesterday I got together with some friends to make Valentines. I have to say that I started the day with a headache that only got worse as the time went on so I was not very inspired. I stuck to working in my journal instead. But, it was to good to hang out and be creative on some level.

Here I am working on the journal page above. Can I just say, I love to work in my journal. I would do it all the time if I could. I really need to have journal parties at my house where all you do it sit around, drink, journal, laugh and talk about life. Any takers?

My dear friend Karin who hosted the party, made the most yummy soup and bread combo for lunch. Thanks Karin, you are the best!!!!

Here is the gang, Jodi, Janene( my niece who I went to Paris with) and Karin. It was a great time even with a headache.

And you can't go to a party, especially a Valentines one with out yummy treats. There were bowls of candy sitting around and also these luscious cupcakes.



Mary said...

How fun, and the soup looks terrific. I would love the recipe.

Hope you are feeling better - I have the headache today!!!!

Teri, you look so good!!!

Poetic Artist said...

Fun and the soup..I would love to know what that is? Also I love the new hair cut..

snazzykc said...

How long until the headache went away?

Gill M said...

A journaling day sounds a wonderful idea. Love the new hairstyle too, it really suits you.