Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sweet Dreams

I played in my art studio today and finally got to work on an idea that was bouncing around in my head.  I have been saving the brown paper that companies use as packing material.  I decided to use it to make a banner to hang over my bed.  Other than time, it was virtually free since I recycled materials I had and a little paint.  Now I am thinking of making some valences for the windows that will match since I have more paper. We shall see how motivated I get since I would have to make three.

The three little flowers at the bottom of each scallop are punched out and backed with yellow paper. The bigger flowers in each scallop or punched out of scrapbook paper with an added button to middle.  For the leaves I used a heart punch and cut it in half  after I painted book pages green.  The rest is just acrylic paint and pencil.  I ran a dowel across the top flap to give it stability and ribbon to hang it.


Mary said...

Teri what a great idea!! It looks great. And what a beautiful bed frame you have!!!

Teri Leigh said...

Thanks Mary, I had a great time making it.