Saturday, October 2, 2010

Be Brave

I spent a little time in my art studio today playing around in my journal.

I was sent a link to the Brave Girls club site, by a friend. I really love to see what they are doing over there. We all need encouragement to be brave because life is hard. I grew up thinking that if you made good choices that life would be pretty good; then I grew up and found out that life isn't about having all your ducks in row but doing the best you can with what is given to you. I have had quite a few curve balls sent my way that I didn't expect and I have been rocked to my core at times but through it all I have had my Saviors hand to hold onto. You truly appreciate peace and strength and joy when they come as a special gift. I am in a time of peace and quiet right now after a few years of heart wrenching struggle and pain. I know there will be another mountain to climb at some point but for now I am enjoying what I have been given. If any of you are in a place of pain, reach out to the Lord and take His hand and be brave dear one. It won't last forever and you will make it through. Keep praising the Lord, He will bring you through whatever your struggle is.


Healing Expressions said...

Emotive and very brave painting my dear! I love her hair!

PaperPumpkin said...

Thank you for this today. I am in pain right now and this is a good boost once again. I wouldn't get through without my Savior's hand to hold onto. Peace, kathy

Teri Leigh said...

Hang in there Kathy. You will make it through even though is probably doesn't seem like it. Big hugs to you.