Saturday, October 9, 2010

Photo Tinting

I took a photo tinting class at Art & Soul in Portland, OR.  These are just a sampling of what we did but Oh my, did I learn a lot.  Everyone in the class was so nice and Suzie Wolfer is an amazing teacher.  She brought everything we would need to class so all I had to do was show up.  That is my favorite kind of class.  Then she had so many techniques to show us and let us try.  And, she wrote it all down so we didn't even have to take notes if we didn't want to.  I love her!

This barn scene was done with a black and white photo and Marshals Photo Oils. Everyone in the class agreed that this product is the best for phototinting and gives the most dimension and subtle color.

Please keep in mind these are my first time trys and I was trying out the product more than I was trying to make a final, perfect art piece. 
This truck was colored with Peerless watercolors 

This was the technique that really got me excited because it was done with Portfolio water soluble oil pastels.  I have had a set of these forever and never knew what to do with them.  They blend so well and I am pulling them out right away and doing some experimenting of my own. 

Sunday I am taking a class from Jesse Reno, so I will have more to share on Monday. 
Have a great weekend everyone.


karin said...

So very neat...have fun on Monday!


Connie Lou said...

Wow, so totally cool! Thanks!

spindelmaker said...

They all look great! I´d love to take a class like this! I think I have a book that covers some of the technique, but it´s not the same trying to learn by oneself. So much more fun learning with others. Still, with results so great, I might have to sit down and read and try!