Monday, October 4, 2010

Sing your song

Isaiah 44:8
Do not tremble,
do not be afraid.
Have I not proclaimed from ages past what my purposes are for you?
You are my witnesses -
is there any other God? No!
There is no other Rock - not one!
It seems that the same message keeps coming up wherever I go. We are His witnesses and He has a purpose for each one of us. Even if we don't feel adequate to fulfill those duties, that's OK, He will give us all we need to be used in a way that brings Him glory.
I can just hear the voices starting up in my head with, "what where you thinking anyway, you can't sing very well, you can't paint very well, you can't do anything very well. There are lots of other people who can do it better than you. If you say you are an artist or a singer or a writer then someday, someone will find out that really you are just a big fake." Have you ever had thoughts like that run through your brain? I fight them all the time but what seems to drown them out is the one voice that is quiet and gentle and loving that says, "It doesn't matter what other people say or how inadequate you feel, you are the person I have chosen to use right here, right now. All I need you to do is let go and let me do what I know can be done and leave the results up to me. You are my hands and feet and I am the Creator"

We are his witnesses, so if you sing then sing, and if you paint then paint and if you write or bake or ______ then do that. Don't worry about how good you are at it. God will use our offerings in powerful ways that we may not even know or imagine. But whatever happens give Him the glory and praise, it really is not about us in the first place.


Paulette Insall said...

AMEN, AMEN, and AMEN!!!! :D

love u,

Mary said...

Don't you love when you hear the same message from several different sources!! I love how God does that when he is impressing something on our hearts!!

Thank you for sharing truth and pointing us the Father!!

Blessings and hugs!

Kerri said...

Good words. I fight that voice myself all the time.