Monday, September 28, 2009

Random things to say

I have been keeping up with a journal page a day but need to take some photos of them. It is quite a process to take the photos, download them into Photoshop Elements, adjust the image size, save it in another file and then download it into the blog. I will try and get them ready and show you tomorrow. I love the colors in this page. The red, yellow and orange makes me happy.
I got to see my art journal group this week. We took August off and I have missed them so much. Each one of these ladies is so talented that I wonder quite often what I am doing there but they lift me up and encourage me in so many ways and I love what each one of them brings to the group. From left to right we have, me, Michelle, Karla, Lani, Paulette and Jaron is in front. Love you girls and big hugs to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was out on the road yesterday and saw this very interesting motorcycle. I didn't know they had such things out there.

We saw another lighthouse up in Gig Harbor, Washington. It is a tiny little thing. I'm not sure if it is in use but it sits there at the mouth of an inlet and is cute as can be.


WingingIt said...

i love your journal page and your thoughts...i know it is hard to get the photos on the blog...but i for one enjoyed seeing it...and appreciate your efforts!

Teri Leigh said...

Thanks Lorri-marie. I appreciate you comment so much :)

michelle said...

I love our group! Thanks Teri for all your effort you go through pulling us together.

but...why do I always look so horrible in pictures!!!!

Teri Leigh said...

Michelle, I don't know what you are talking about? You look great! I especially like your scarf.