Monday, September 14, 2009

All dressed up with somewhere to go

The class reunion was a fun time. I got to see people that I haven't seen in quite some time. The woman on the left I have known for 41 years. I remember the day she showed up in church with her ringlets and black horn-rimmed classes. There is just something about people knowing you through the good, bad and the ugly that is comforting somehow. The woman in the middle I have known for almost as long. Our husbands had a great time talking at the table as we wandered around the room saying hi to everyone. I felt so blessed when the night was over because everyone kept telling me that I looked the same as I did in high school. This may not be true but it still made me feel good. It was very funny though that as people were looking at each others name tags they needed to put glasses on. We are definately getting old and it was even funnier when at 10:00 the room started to clear out. I think we all wanted to be home in bed by that time. Our coach was about to turn into a pumpkin. Now that we are all connecting on Facebook, I wonder if that will change things at all or if we will just go back to our lives and see each other in another 10 years?

I have been thinking about life a bit and what changes I want to make. Life just got too complicated for a while and I have been feeling the need to simplify, slow down and be open to new possibilities. I want to be available to friends and family more and to do that I need lots of time of quiet by myself. I have wished so many times that I was the kind of person that gets filled up by being around people but sadly it is the other way around. I can go long periods of time not talking or seeing anyone and feel quite content but I seem to be surrounded by people who need lots of attention. I want to be there for them so there has to be balance. I am learning how to find that balance and fit into this life I am destined to be a part of. You would think this would be easy but I haven't figured it out yet. I hope my life isn't over before I can figure it out and live it. I have heard it said that life is what happens when you are out making plans. I think I will keep my plans simple and see what comes my way.

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snazzykc said...

So glad you had a great time at the reunion and that you were able to connect. I was sad that some of the people I had wanted to see at mine didn't come. But looking the same as you used too-well that was worth all the Medifast dollars!!
Have a great week,