Saturday, September 19, 2009


I worked on one of my goals today. I am such a clutter bug. It mostly comes from not knowing what to do with something and so I just set it in a pile and soon there a few piles and so on and so on. Today I sorted, stacked, recycled, and threw a bunch of stuff away. By the end of the day the stacks were gone and I could actually see clear surfaces. It feels so good. I don't know why I don't do this more often. One of my goals is to live more simply. The only way for me to do that is to have a lot less stuff so I am on the way to de-cluttering my home. It blows my mind how much stuff comes into the house everyday. At least I don't have four kids in school anymore. Those papers where just too much to manage.
I was thinking about all the kids that are back to school. Fall is my favorite time of year and part of that is the back to school shopping which I don't have anymore. I was tempted to buy a set of beautiful sharpie pens when I went down that isle the other day. It was just too tempting. Pens are my favorite school supply but a close second is all the organizational boxes, bags and pouches available to put them in. I really love organizational stuff so why am I so disorganized? It is a mystery. What is your favorite school supply?


Bevie said...

Hi Teri, we be twins!!! Pens are my favorite school supplies...I think I actually have a pen fedish for I pick them up wherever I go. At the Drs they all know me well, I bring one so I can take one of their fat pens..eheh!!! But most of all I love my sharpie pens...I can do zentangles, outline just about anything and write with it...I loved your journal pgs and this post!!! (((hugs)))

Mary said...

Hi Teri, I would have to say pens too!! Although I love all kinds of office supply things - always have!!

Received my journal back yesterday.
Lovely, lovely journal pages. Thanks for your contribution - love your pages!

I see my sweet sister Bevie was here. :)

Oh, how is your calendar/journal coming along?