Monday, July 6, 2009

A Journal of Interest

I signed up for Teresa Mcfaden's ezine - A Journal of Interest. Oh my goodness, it is fabulous. I took her class last year and it was great too. I just love her style and she has some great ideas. I made the journal cover out of cardstock and bound the inside pages with ribbon. The pages are made of watercolor paper and hold up nicely to the abuse I am giving them. Quite awhile ago I found watercolor inks for 25 cents a piece and decided to try them out on these pages. I think the color is so wonderful. I only have four colors so I may have to invest in a few more. Between the strapping tape on the binding and edges and the many layers of paper on the inside, this cover is pretty sturdy. The gal on the outside cover is copied from an old vintage postcard I bought in Paris. I think she is lovely.

I spent my 4th of July creating this journal and playing in it. I have been feeling in the dumps about things lately and this just perked me up. I had so much fun working in this journal and I can't wait to see what our next assignment is. I must remember that when I am in a slump that doing something that I love to do and learning something in the process will give me the boost I need. I have one other page in the works so I am off to get it finished up.

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lori vliegen said...

your journal is looking fantastic! sometimes i get in the dumps, too, and art is always the best therapy!! :)