Thursday, July 9, 2009

American Idol concert

Tuesday was a very exciting day. I was surprised by my dear husband with two tickets to American Idol. He had no desire to go so I got to take a friend. We took the 2 1/2 hour drive up to the Tacoma Dome and it was such a fun day. The lights in the arena were low and we were far enough away that the flash was not going to work so the pictures are not very good. But I bought a program with amazing pictures of all the idols and these photos are just to prove I was there.

Here I am with the on-stage screen in the background. The last time I went to American Idol they had a huge cardboard cutout of the idols so that you could get your picture taken in front of it but this time there was nothing like that. I was a bit disappointed about that. As we were standing in line, waiting to get into the arena, this expressive young man came running up to his friends next to us and said he could just die because he had hugged and smelled Adam. People are so funny sometimes. Who would have thought smelling your favorite singer was a highlight?

Danny was so great. He made me cry as he was talking about following your dreams, even if it is the worst time in your life. His wife died 4 weeks before he tried out for American Idol and he said he pushed through to follow his dream and it changed his life even though it was the hardest thing he has ever done. It was very encouraging. Sometimes we put our dreams on hold until life settles down and then we never do what we were meant to do because life never does settle down.
Allison was her cute rocker self on stage and did a great job too.

Of course, Adam was amazing. You would have thought he was the winner by the crowds response. When he came on stage the audience literally exploded with cheers. It was deafening.
Every one of the singers did an amazing job and it was a very good concert. Each of the singers sang songs in their style of song and I was very impressed. I think they even sounded better than when they were on the show.


Mary said...

Oh what fun that must have been!!
Was Chris there - or does he not tour with them??

He is my 17yr old daughters fav! :)

Teri Leigh said...

Yes, Chris was there and did a great job but it was anti-climatic since he followed Adam. I felt kind of sorry for him actually.