Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More Art Journal pages

I met with a friend last week and we just sat and visited and worked on our individual art projects. I dabbled in my art journal. I didn't feel terribly inspired but I think this little guy is pretty cute. He reminded me to rise above any negativity in my life. Even though I may not be able to soar like an eagle right now I do have tiny wings to lift above the turmoil of life. This page is from the same journal and is a reminder that no matter what the weather is outside I can choose to enjoy whatever I am given. I think I sense a theme here.
This journal page is from the class I am taking from Teresa McFaden. We painted the page and then looked for shapes from the paint strokes. Mine ended up looking like a cake sitting in the summer heat too long and getting a bit droopy. I used watercolors, a bouquet of flowers image that I copied 3 times and cut up, micron pens and a calligraphy pen for the writing.

I have a couple other pages that are in process that I hope to finish this week. I am recovering from the stomach flu and almost all my family has gotten it so we are taking each day at a time. Whew, I'll be glad to be on the other side of this one.


Jaron said...

I have a thing for penguins, so I am loving your little guy. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever soar like an eagle, but now I will remember your penguin - just a little lift is a good thing.

Mary said...

Great pages, especially love the cake one. I sure hope you are feeling better!!

michelle allen said...

love your little penguin and the pages that you're doing with Teresa! how fun to make things out of brush strokes, your colors on that page are so yummy it makes me want to eat the cake.

Anonymous said...

The looking for images from the streaks of color, inspiring idea, I may have to try...kind of like a Rorscharc (sp?) inkblot.

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