Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vintage Sale

My friend Karin invited me to go to a Vintage sale (Tarte) with her and I got some very nice things. You can see photos at the link above. To find some things from Paris was awesome. I ended up getting the extended postcards of places that I went to in Paris such as Hotel de Ville, La Basilique du Sacre Coeur, L Arc de Triomphe. I think I am going to frame them for my art room. I am missing Paris so much. I was watching a suspense movie this week that took place in Paris and tears just popped into my eyes seeing the lovely buildings and hearing the people talk in French. I never expected that going to Paris would result in such deep feelings of connection there. If I believed in past lives, I would say I used to be French. Actually, there are some French relatives in my lineage. That must explain it.

Back to the sale. I bought some old buttons, which is really exciting since I have none at home and needed to start building some stock. I also got a beautiful pink pearl, three strand necklace that I can hardly wait to wear. The clasp was broke but I will attach a pink ribbon and tie it around my neck that way.

There is another flea market sale on July 18th in my neck of the woods by the same people so I think I will definitely be going and checking it out. Oh, I can't wait.


snazzykc said...

It was fun, thanks ever so for going with me!

Mary said...

Hi Teri, I sent off Tammy's journal to you today. It's coming UPS and you should receive it Monday.

Mary said...

Oh, do you still have Tricia's journal??? If so, I forgot to take pictures of the pages I did. Would you be so kind to do so??

Thanks sweetie!!