Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sing a new song

As I was journaling this morning I realized something about myself. It is something I have known for a while but it keeps popping up and I act surprised every time. As I was thinking about Fall, since next Wednesday will be September 1st, I was looking forward to getting on a schedule. I always feel this way by the end of August. It is like eating too much rich food, it is fun for a short time but eventually eating regular meals becomes much more appealing. So after a summer of lazy days, I long for structure and a schedule. The problem I am having this year is that the whole year has been like summer. A lot of uncertainty and unknowns. Waiting for a door to open or a clue as to where I should be devoting my time. Since my whole being relaxes with a schedule and focused certainty I am finding this year to be very stressful over nothing. I keep telling myself to take a chill pill and enjoy this time of rest and trust that God has it all handled. Too many years of running around like a crazy person from one crisis to another makes waiting just as challenging. Haven't we all heard to not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will take care of itself. The actual practice of that is a lot more challenging than you think. But I was reading in Psalm 94-96 today and was struck by something.
Psalm 94:19
When doubts filled my mind,
Your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer.
Psalm 95:6-7
Come, let us worship and bow down.
Let us kneel before the LORD our maker,
for He is our God
We are the people He watches over,
the sheep under His care.
Oh, that you would listen to His voice today!
Psalm 96:1
Sing a new song to the Lord
Let the whole earth sing to the LORD!
He is there watching over me waiting for me to turn my focus on Him and give Him the glory He deserves. I need to sing a new song because the old one is ....old. He is giving me a focused certainty, it is Him. All the other stuff that I have been waiting for comes out of the focus on Him. I hear Him telling me that he does have it covered and to just focus on Him and sing.
So what song are you singing to the Lord?
Do you need to sing a new song?
Where has your focus been?
These are all good journaling prompts as we head into September and a new season.

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PaperPumpkin said...

I feel nervous for September 1st as well. Structure, a schedule,...after so many days of summer relaxing? Wow. But when I feel that anxiety, I tell myself to put my fears to rest and trust in the Lord, too. I will be thinking of you!