Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Discovery Bay

This past week we went on vacation to Discovery Bay. It is located in the Puget Sound area of Washington State. The weather was beautiful, the view was amazing and it was very quiet. After raising four kids, my husband and I really enjoy quiet vacations. This is the view from our deck. I sat out there to read and enjoy the view. We did a little site seeing while we were there also.

One of the places we went was Friday Harbor. It was cute little town were we enjoyed a nice lunch and ice cream as we walked around the town.

One of the first things we did was to take a whale watching boat trip. It was foggy in the morning and we only saw some fins above the water. But by the afternoon we saw this guy and he put on a show for us. There were five others with him but they kept themselves pretty far away from our boat.

I have never seen whales before except at Seaworld so it was very exciting.

When you tour around the Puget Sound at some point you will use a ferry boat. We took quite a few during our stay. Heading home one night we saw the most beautiful sunset. It was a lovely ending to a day that started with the Victoria, BC customs officers searching our car for 40 minutes convinced that we had weapons on board. They had us backed up against the fence and even had us raise our shirts to make sure we weren't hiding any weapons there. It was rather alarming but in the end they let us go with stern looks. Good thing I had taken out my art journal supplies or they might have been suspicious of my sharp scissors.

Our last ferry ride was from Bainbridge Island to Seattle. I just love the Seattle skyline with the Space needle standing so tall.

Our reason for going to Seattle was to visit some friends. While we were there, I got to see the rooftop garden. This hummingbird sat so still for me to snap a few shots.

I have a few journal pages that I created while I was gone using scraps and bits of things from my days.


PaperPumpkin said...

Oh, this looked like so much fun! Your photos are beautiful, and I love your journaling!

karin said...

Looks like you two were busy! Your reference to it being like Nirvana was funny since the band Nirvana came from that area!