Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Getting Caught Up

I worked on the last few pages in my November journal and sewed it into the big journal. I actually got quite a bit done yesterday, which was exciting and fun too.

I am finding more and more that I am OK with leaving a page unfinished for later. Some days are more creative than others and I come back and add little something here and there until it is finished. I just need to finish it up before I move onto a new month because once it is sewn into my big journal it is harder to work in.
I drew this page in pencil of some of the main characters in the New Moon movie. I think I will leave it as a sketch. That's OK too. I don't have to color every page. Hmm, I may change my mind on that too. I am tempted to get those yellow eyes colored in. If you saw the movie you know what I am talking about. I hate those decisions that just sit there and irritate me. Probably means I won't be able to let it go until it is finished, which means color.

Well, the journal is getting fuller and fuller. What a thrill it is to hold it in my hand and let it fall open to page after page of color and memories, feelings and lessons learned all there on the page. I think I should have made the spine a smidgen bigger so the December signature would fit a bit better. I'll worry about that in a month. If I need to I will tie it all up with a big ribbon. We'll see.Here is my December signature. Pristine and waiting for creativity to burst forth on the pages.

OK, I have waited since the first Cricut came out for it to be affordable. Of course I was a scrapbooker way back then but there are many other uses for this wonderful die cut machine. I am making Christmas tags right now. I have also cut out letters to use in my journal. Isn't it pretty and it is so easy to use too. It is addicting though. When I first sat down to figure it out, a couple of hours just flew by without me even knowing. I was just cutting and pasting away. The Xyron Create a Sticker maker works really well with this machine.

Lastly, I just had to show you the cutest picture I snapped yesterday. I sure do love this little guy so much. He is quite the ham. We are all very excited because up till now he has not allowed anything to be put on his head and just recently he has started putting his uncle's hat on his head. Little boys and baseball hats just go together.


Mary said...

Oh yeah!! I love the first journal page - such wonderful color. And Teri if we lived closer we would be journaling buddies that's for sure!!

Yes, I saw New Moon. Really liked it - better than the first - the end left me hanging - but since I read the books I can wait for the next movie!! :)

And what a cutie patooie he is!! Aren't they so much fun??

Thanksgiving dinner was a blast. Sean kept us all entertained, when it was over he had food all in his hair!! :)

lori vliegen said...

i love your journal pages.....that little birdie in the first photo is SO cute!! i'm glad to hear that you love your cricut.....i would love to have one, but my budget says otherwise right now (maybe one of these days hobby lobby will allow me to use my 40% off coupon for one, but i'm not holding my breath!!). your little guy is precious....and i'll bet he gets lots of hugs, too!! :))

Poetic Artist said...

Wonderful journal. The little one is so adorable..So Sweet.

Healing Expressions said...

I can't believe how many pages you get done girl! Can't wait to see your journal in the flesh!