Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Beck's in Indonesia

There is a young family from my church who has moved to Indonesia to do mission work. Ryan was the youth pastor at the campus we attended and I worked alongside him when I was the Women's Ministry leader there. Him and his wife and two kids have signed up for the long haul and yet 5 months into it they are so homesick with it being Christmas and all. I know they would appreciate some prayers and a visit or two to their new website. The pictures he has posted are stunning of Indonesia.

Here's a snippet of an email he sent:

We hit the 5 month mark of being here. It feels as if this has been a really long vacation and now it is time to go home. It would be so good to be home with you this time of year, but with your prayers and God’s strength we press on. We each recently had our first of 3 formal language evaluations. It is cool to share that we both are where we ought to be and are progressing well.
Still though it's humbling! In trying to compliment and tell a middle aged woman that she was still (muda)=young, I instead said she was (murah)=cheap. Embarrassed after realizing my mistake I then tried to correct myself and say the right word but still got the word wrong calling her (mudah)=easy. I essentially called her cheap and easy! (muda, mudah, murah)...they really shouldn't let me talk.

You can check out their website here. I'm sure a few words of encouragement would go a long way to build their spirits up, even from strangers.

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Poetic Artist said...

Thank you for sharing this. Doing God's work. The story is very funny.
..I will check out their site..