Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Week

Not much to show for my week. My grandbaby was sick and couldn't go to daycare so I watched him. We had lots of snuggle time and watching Elmo. I learned something in the process, hours of Elmo gives me a headache. If you try and substitute with Sesame Street or anything else all you hear is Elmo, Elmo, Elmo until you turn it back. Since he was sick I obliged.

I only got a couple of art journal pages started. Mostly because I was so tired and not feeling very creative and the rest of the time busy. I will add color to the pages this weekend, hopefully. That may be a dream and have to wait until Monday since we are moving my husband's office. In fact I had better get going on out there right now. Have a great weekend everyone.


snazzykc said...

Moving his office! Where?! Need help?

Teri Leigh said...

Thanks for asking. I think we got everything that needed to be moved on Saturday. Now the organization starts.