Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Etsy has arrived on this blog

Well, I did it. I opened my Etsy shop. It was a heart pounding, long time coming event that I am glad is over. I will continue to add to the shop but I don't think it will be as scary as the first time. Whew! Fell free to follow the link on my sidebar and check out what I have in there. Here are some journal pages too. The October signature has moved to the big journal and I am working on Novembers.
I love the new stamps I got and I'm sure they will show up on other pages this next month.

I like this page so much I might just try and paint it on a canvas. Have to think on that one.

This page was left over from my trip to Canada.


lori vliegen said...

your journal pages are wonderful!! i especially love the little girl's hair in the first photo.....too cute!! congrats on opening the doors to your etsy shop!! :))

Mary said...

Teri I so love your journal pages. Will check out your etsy shop. I have thought about opening one - still thinking!! :)

Teri Leigh said...

Thanks Lori and Mary. I appreciate the comments. You are both so sweet!

The Whispering Creek House said...

Teri you are amazing!!!

Nishant said...

I have thought about opening one - still thinking!! :) Work from home India