Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November Journal pages

I have been promising journal pages and so I thought I had better get going and take some pictures. My new camera is not as easy to use, so I find myself resisting the process. So I downloaded some new music and now I am sitting at my computer rockin out and
editing photos and blogging.
Anyone a David Cook fan? His new album is pretty good. Definitely his unique style.
I did these pages while I was at the beach last week.

I showed you these pages when they had no color on them. I mostly like to sit down in one sitting and finish a page but this one I have been adding a little here and there. It still is not done but pretty close.

I got together with a friend and worked on a couple of pages. I have been wanting to try cutting a shape out of one of my pages and so I went to work. I have debated with myself over doing some journaling on the daisy pedals. I like it the way it is but they are just sitting there calling to be journaled on and I can barely hold back. I don't want to overdo it though. Any thoughts?

This is the backside of the daisy. The little elf is compliments of my friend Michelle. She gave me a black and white copy of one of her designs and I colored it to match my page. I am going against my own personal rules of experiencing one holiday before moving onto the next. I used to not even look at magazines for Christmas before Thanksgiving was over. I think I got so excited this year I joined the push of commercials, stores and everyone else to take a peak ahead. Please don't hold it against me :)


karin said...

oh I am resisting looking at the Christmas magazines too. I had to turn all of mine upside down!

Robin Walters said...

I love your art - very beautifull!