Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday night

I am realizing that the days are flying by and so much seems to be getting left undone. My days are filled with disjointed conversations with my kids and grandbaby. Not a bad thing but at the end of a day I feel unsettled that I can't point to a project or chore that made it's way from start to finish. I have a feeling it may be this way through the holidays when everyone is inside because of the weather and wanting to create that homey feeling in their hearts.

Yesterday my middle son moved back home. That seems to be a story I am hearing more and more from my friends who have grown children. Transitions have been hard on my family and now we are in another one. I really am leaning into God and prayer to make this one easier than previous ones. I have more peace than I have had so that is good. We went to church and heard Margaret Feinberg speak. She has a few books out but she was speaking on her newest book, Scouting the Divine where she talks about wine, sheep and honey. All these subjects are all through the scriptures and she explains some things that made the passages come alive. I bought her book and had her sign it and got to talk to her for a few minutes. She is very sweet.

Today I did move some things around in my art studio and start the organizing process. Now if I can just do more organizing than messing it up, I might get ahead. The other thing I did was to take my youngest son to see the movie 2012. What a whirlwind, breath holding, nail biting movie that was. At points in the movie I had both hands over my mouth in fear of what I was seeing. OK, I'm a bit of a baby but it was scary to see the natural disasters happening right in front of your face. OH, so good. I want to take my husband and see it again. Then I came home to my daughter baking a pumpkin cake and the house smelling so yummy. What a fun day today was.


snazzykc said...

Whew, hope laundry day is a bit slower...

Mary said...

I know what you mean. Sometimes I think my balance is out of balance! :) But don't forget the value in those talk times too.

Thanks for mentioning Margaret. I just browsed her site, and ordered her book. Looks good!

And I began cleaning and re-organizing my studio last night.

And Greg and I saw 2012 this weekend too!!! :)

Have a great week Teri!!