Thursday, December 16, 2010

San Antonio - The Missions

We stayed in New Braunfels, Texas and this was one of the houses all decked out for Christmas.

One of the tourist sites we visited was the Towers of America. 
It was created for the 1968 World's Fair that took place in San Antonio.

We got a 360 degree look at San Antonio from the top of the tower. 
This is one of the views. 
The round building with the flower painted on the top is a shopping area that we also visited.

San Antonio has 5 missions that were built along the San Antonio river. 
We got to see 3 of them. 
This is the Mission San Jose.
It is the largest and most restored of the five.

It is amazing to me to think that all this stonework has stood for all these years.

They really did not have much but what they had was so beautiful.
I think we don't see the artistry in everyday items that we used to.

The cactus growing on the roof cracks me up.

Mission Concepcion

Original artwork on the walls

The chapel is still holding services every Sunday.
Wouldn't it be so amazing to worship in such a historic place?

More of the outside walls.

The last Mission we visited was the Alamo

Before we went to Texas, I had very little knowledge as to their history but I learned a little bit while I was there.  It really is fascinating with all they went through between Span, Mexico, Native Americans and Texans before and after they were Texans. Even the German influence that you still see today there.  I think I would really enjoy reading a book about it.  Anyone read a good one?

Another less famous view of the Alamo.

I have more to show on San Antonio but I think 3 posts in one day is my limit. 
I will post more later. Thanks for stopping by.


Connie Lou said...

I love your Texas posts! My stepdad is from Houston, married my Hawaiian is that? What a wonderful state, so diverse! San Antonio is one of my faves, along with Galveston and Houston. Although not a history book per se, I like reading about well known people who are from the area..Tom Landry's autobiography, "A Man of Character" is interesting, born in Mission, Texas. Also I would think that GW's books would certainly contain a lot about the history and life in Texas from a local standpoint...just a suggestion. Thank you so much for your blog, I really enjoy following it!


karin said...

Love your update!