Thursday, December 16, 2010


We took a tour of the State Capital and it was so pretty.  I wish my pictures on the inside would have come out better because it was spectacular.  The woodwork was ornate and all the inlaid marble was stunning.

 I just love iron fences.  This one has stars on top because Texas is the Lone Star State.  In fact, everywhere we went there where stars on everything and I mean everything.  Don't question this because we also saw signs up everywhere that said, "Don't mess with Texas".  So funny.

At the top of each of the staircases in the Capital is a marble heart in pink.

We also went to a very unique toy store, Toy Joy.
If you want old toys that you haven't seen in years like, Gumby & Pokey, this is the place to go.  How about Star Wars Christmas decorations or buckets of plastic babies in every size.

I went to some vintage stores too but forgot to take pictures. OOPS!

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