Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Markets in San Antonio

We went to two markets while we were visiting.  The first one was Market Square.  It is the largest Mexican market in the US with lots of little shops that have an assortment of things you would find in Mexico. 
The outdoor walkways are lined with bright flags hung from the ceiling.

 Mi Tierra is a restaurant and bakery with the yummiest goodies to eat.  Apparently, they have the best Margaritas in San Antonio but I don't know that for sure. 

We bought three different baked goods and my favorite was the sugar crusted croissant. I had to throw it away because I would have eaten the entire thing and it was huge which wouldn't have been a good idea. The few bites I had just melted in my mouth and tasted like heaven.

Everything was colorful here.

While waiting for our trolley to arrive we sat on a bench while a local man painted a fresh coat of paint on this statue. We had a very nice conversation with him while we waited.

The other market we went to was called La Villita.
It is a marketplace for local artists and San Antonil's oldest surviving neighborhood dating from the 1750's.  There were quite a few shops all full of handmade items.

One of the shops had these metal chickens.  I wish I could have taken it home with me because they were so cute.  There was also a life size donkey that could hold your firewood on his back that I thought was cool.

From there we walked down a flight of stairs to the Riverwalk.
This little guy was up in a tree above my head and just sat there eating his nut and watching me.
The animals seem to be very used to people and allowed us to get pretty close for pictures.
The ducks at the Riverwalk got up close and personal.
A little too close for my taste since I didn't know if they would bite or not.

I will post more about the Riverwalk later.


Mary said...

What a fun trip that was Teri.

I have one of those big roosters - in my living room of all places!! lol

Taj said...

I am wondering if I may use one of your photos as inspiration to put fabric colors I weave together? Could you please contact me via please? :-)

Teri Leigh said...

No problem getting inspiration from my photos. Lots of fun colors in these.