Saturday, November 12, 2011

Melody Ross Gallery Show

 What a fun night with my Brave Girls, hanging out at the Elida Gallery
 and meeting Melody Ross.
We were first to show up and peered in the windows until Melody's husband came and let us in. Melody was just like she is on the videos and such a sweet heart.  I brought along my Soul Restoration notebook and she signed it for me.  Just being there was such a magical experience.  Hearing that this night was a dream for her that only came about 6 months ago was incredible.  She has really worked hard in the last 6 months to make this happen.  She encouraged me to dream big and believe that what I want to come true can.  She is so inspiring. 

I also met some other fellow artists that came to meet Melody.  They shared some of their dreams with me and I wish them the best in the coming year.

 I wish I could have bought one of her paintings, but it didn't happen this time. It looked like there were going to be some pretty happy people going home with gorgeous art.

This past year four of my friends have been going through Soul Restoration 1 & 2 with me.  We would do the class on-line and then meet at my house to talk about what we had learned that week and show the work we had done.  This evening was the perfect ending to finishing both of those classes.  I would recommend both classes if you haven't gone through them yet. It was life changing and enlightening.

Melody, You are the best! 
Love and hugs